What is Tyrocircle?

‘Tyrocircle’ is a private social communication and collaboration platform for modern and mobile learning. Our platform is designed around students, academics and alumni with a goal to provide everything that they need to communicate in real-time. Tyrocircle is a private led community that requires all users to sign up with their institution email address or access code. Our one-stop platform provides academics with the ability to create secure online classes. Here they have two-way communication with their students. They can post announcements, quick question/answers, upload reading lists and review and monitor course analytics, student engagement. Our social learning flags act as a facilitating service empowering users to collaborate and help one another. This enables the user to search profiles to find suitable users for peer-to-peer learning, request, offer help and act as an indicator for social interaction based on the users profile.

Tyrocircle will assist universities/colleges with their network analytics and improve efficiency. Here universities and colleges will be able to review usage metrics, individual courses and student progress. Tyrocircle is designed to facilitate universities / colleges collaboration and knowledge transfer between students, academics and alumni. 

For more information please visit our website or drop us an email hello@tyrocircle.com

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